Apple might launch the USB-C iPhone 15 on September 13th

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  • Apple’s iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro events are set for September 13.
  • Wireless carriers preparing for something significant.
  • iPhone preorders are likely to begin on September 15.
  • Noteworthy changes in iPhone 15 series: USB-C and powerful camera.

The anticipation surrounding the imminent iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro has been a topic of discussion for months now, and Apple enthusiasts are particularly excited this time around. 

 Apple has chosen September for its iPhone events, but this year’s date has been a well-kept secret until now. A recent report suggests that the event is scheduled for September 13.

The information from 9to5Mac, reveals that multiple sources within the industry have been actively preparing for the event. Wireless carriers have even asked their employees to keep September 13 free, signaling that something significant might be on the horizon.

In the previous year, Apple held its iPhone event on September 7, a Wednesday in the middle of the week. This mid-week timing is favorable for setting up preorders, which usually go live on the following Friday. If Apple maintains this pattern and the rumored date for this year’s event holds, then iPhone preorders are likely to begin on September 15.

While a glance might make the iPhone 15 series appear to be another incremental update, some noteworthy changes are coming to the devices. Apple is removing the Lightning connector in favor of introducing USB-C. Additionally, the Pro models will sport a more powerful camera. Apple might allow app sideloading, opening up new possibilities in some regions.

Although Apple is known for producing reliable products, some believe that innovation is overdue. And if new phones don’t excite enough, there’s always the Vision Pro, Apple’s next-generation device.

Source(S): XDA

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