Bounce Shot Transforms Beer Pong into a Virtual Duel of Precision

Bounce Shot
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  • Bounce Shot, a VR beer pong game, reimagines traditional beer pong with bounce shots.
  • Developed by For Fun Labs, creators of Eleven Table Tennis.
  • Players aim to eliminate cups using bounce shots in dynamic arenas.
  • Offers 1v1, 2v2, and 1v2 gameplay modes, along with AI opponents.
  • Expansion plans and upcoming game modes to be anticipated.
  • Launch weekend features a lively tournament through Discord.

Bounce Shot has made its debut on both the Quest and Pico headsets, representing a family-friendly reimagination of the traditional beer pong game, crafted by the ingenious minds behind Eleven Table Tennis.

Hailing from the creative hub known as For Fun Labs, Bounce Shot draws inspiration from the widely recognized pastime that typically engages participants with plastic cups and a ping pong ball. In this rendition, the objective remains consistent: competitors alternate in their endeavors to skillfully launch ping pong balls into adversary cups, thus causing them to vanish into obscurity.

 The victor emerges as the first solo player or duo to effectively eliminate all cups of their opposing side. Nevertheless, the intriguing twist here lies in the notion of “bounce shots,” which possess the potential to eliminate a pair of cups with a single shot, although concurrently offering the defending player an opportunity to elegantly deflect the incoming ball.

The gameplay accommodates various configurations, encompassing the dynamic dynamics of 1v1 and 2v2 matches, with the added flexibility of 1v2 engagements. Furthermore, private chambers stand ready to facilitate these exciting matchups, all within the backdrop of three distinctive environments. Additionally, the presence of an artificial intelligence adversary augments the array of possibilities.

For those unacquainted with its predecessor, Eleven Table Tennis, hailing from the same innovative studio, reigns as the quintessential embodiment of sporting realism within the virtual realm. 

Originally introduced to the gaming community via Steam back in 2016, this masterpiece has incessantly evolved, ultimately extending its reach to the Quest and Pico platforms. Concurrently, For Fun Labs endeavors to diversify its offerings, branching out into the world of pickleball with their forthcoming title, Pickleball Pro.

Anticipate a multitude of upcoming game modes for Bounce Shot, as the developers harbor ambitious plans for its expansion. Notably, in celebration of the launch weekend, a spirited tournament has been orchestrated through the platform’s dedicated Discord channel.

Source(S): UploadVR

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