MSU’s MSU-270 Supercomputer Redefines Russian GPU Landscape

TL;DR Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) has unveiled its cutting-edge supercomputer, christened as the MSU-270, boasting a staggering peak computational prowess of 400 PetaFLOPS specialized in ‘AI’ processing. This formidable computing behemoth is slated for multifarious applications, primarily centered around artificial intelligence

How ChatGPT is Rewriting the Rules of Education

TL;DR The burgeoning populace of scholars harnessing the AI entity ChatGPT as an expedient in their academic endeavors has prompted certain academia luminaries to reevaluate their pedagogical designs for the imminent autumn term. The relentless evolution of OpenAI’s ChatGPT is manifest. The

AI Joins NHS to Fight Cancer’s Menace

TL;DR The National Health Service (NHS) has granted its inaugural approval for integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into its operations. In its preliminary recommendations unveiled on Friday, the National Institute of Healthcare and Excellence (NICE) advocated for the incorporation of AI algorithms

Microsoft’s AI Chat Takes Over Bing

TL;DR Microsoft is gearing up to introduce its AI-powered Bing Chat to mobile browsers shortly. Despite having been exclusively accessible through distinct Android and iOS mobile applications since late February, Microsoft is now removing the constraints and making it available across all