Microsoft’s AI Chat Takes Over Bing

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  • Microsoft’s Bing Chat expands from exclusive apps to all mobile browsers.
  • Bing Chat’s remarkable growth with over a billion dialogues and 750 million images generated.
  • Windows Copilot’s imminent arrival, enhancing Windows 11 with AI assistance.
  • Evolution from Edge browser exclusivity to widespread browser compatibility.
  • Bing Chat’s transformative role in making AI features accessible to a diverse audience.

Microsoft is gearing up to introduce its AI-powered Bing Chat to mobile browsers shortly. Despite having been exclusively accessible through distinct Android and iOS mobile applications since late February,

Microsoft is now removing the constraints and making it available across all mobile browsers. 

This strategic move is part of the broader endeavor to cease restricting Bing Chat on third-party browsers.

Bing Chat made its initial debut in February, but its usage was confined to Microsoft’s proprietary Edge browser. As part of its testing phase for comprehensive third-party browser compatibility, Microsoft progressively extended its accessibility to Chrome and Safari desktop browsers in late July.

In a recent blog post, the Bing team expressed their excitement by sharing, “We’re thrilled to announce that you’ll soon be able to enjoy an even better Bing experience with lots of clever AI features on other web browsers and mobile devices.”

This pivotal progression enables Bing to exhibit the remarkable worth of concise responses, the creation of images, and more, to a wider and more diverse audience.

Having marked its inception six months ago, Bing Chat, nurtured by Microsoft, has achieved a remarkable feat by attaining nine consecutive quarters of growth on the Edge platform. This phenomenon can be attributed in large part to the fact that Microsoft had previously confined Bing Chat’s utility exclusively to its in-house browser.

An impressive milestone has been reached, with over a billion dialogues conducted on Bing Chat and an astounding 750 million images generated through its service.

Furthermore, the imminent arrival of Windows Copilot, propelled by the prowess of Bing Chat, is set to grace Windows 11 shortly. Presently undergoing meticulous testing within Windows 11 builds, it is increasingly likely that this auxiliary feature will be progressively rolled out to all Windows 11 users as the year unfolds.

Source(S): TheVerge

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