The ChatGPT app from OpenAI has finally launched on Android

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  • The official ChatGPT app is now available on the Google Play Store.
  • The app has the same features as the desktop version and requires logging in or creating a new account.
  • OpenAI aims to extend availability to more regions in the coming weeks.

After being available on iOS for a few months, the app is now available on Android devices via the Google Play Store.

Amidst the waning fervor, OpenAI’s ChatGPT emerged as a novel, delightful means of human-AI interaction. This incipient stage has already revealed the potential and pitfalls of chatbots. While they prove valuable, OpenAI’s endeavor to bring this technology to smartphones via proprietary apps has been time-consuming. Only recently in May, ChatGPT found its way to iOS, and now, it unfolds its presence to Android users in specific regions.

The official ChatGPT app is now available on the Google Play Store, spotted by the keen-eyed folks at 9to5Google. Downloading the app is effortless through the provided link or by searching it directly. It’s essential to ensure you download the authentic one developed by OpenAI, as several imitations exist. Once the download completes, log in with existing credentials or create a new account to unlock the same features offered in the desktop version.

Regrettably, the app’s reach is presently limited to select regions, with the United States, Brazil, India, and Bangladesh being the fortunate beneficiaries according to 9to5Google. Nevertheless, OpenAI intends to extend its availability to more regions in the forthcoming weeks, promising a broader launch.

For those curious to experiment, the app can be obtained through the provided link. Alternatively, if you wish to explore competitors or seek further insights, our comparison of ChatGPT vs Bing Chat vs Google Bard might pique your interest.

Source(S): XDA 

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