Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Soars to New Heights with One UI 5 and Wear OS 4 Integration!

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  • Introduction of One UI 5 and Wear OS 4 to the Galaxy Watch 4.
  • Notable enhancements in Samsung Health for sleep tracking, cycling workouts, and heart rate coaching.
  • Phone management features, including call control and camera access.
  • Additional modifications for convenience and security in daily use.

A mere week following the deployment of its latest update to the Galaxy Watch 5, Samsung is now introducing its One UI 5 Watch update to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, accompanied by Wear OS 4.

Presently accessible to US editions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Samsung’s adaptation of Wear OS 4 accompanies updates distinguished by build numbers culminating in HWH3. These updates, rooted in Android 13, usher in One UI 5 Watch and are bundled with the security patch from July 2023.

This update ushers in an array of Samsung-centric enhancements, including novel features within Samsung Health, enhanced compatibility with Galaxy Buds, and more. However, it also introduces alterations stemming from Google’s fundamental Wear OS 4 upgrade, including the ability to pair the watch with a new phone sans the necessity for a comprehensive factory reset.

The comprehensive list of alterations encompasses:

Timepieces and Panels

Simplified incorporation of timepieces and panels.

An innovative vertical layout streamlines the process of locating suitable timepieces and panels.

Battery status overview for all your devices: The fresh Battery panel empowers swift assessment of battery levels for your watch, phone, and Galaxy Buds.

Enhanced Buds control panel: Users can now activate or deactivate 360 audio from the Buds control panel if their Buds support this feature.

Effortless access to timers: Commence timers from the recently introduced Timer panel without having to launch the Timer application.

Designate an album or narrative as your timepiece: Instead of a singular image, you can now have your timepiece cyclically transition between images from a chosen album or story. Each time you activate the watch screen, the timepiece will display a distinct image.

Samsung Health

Augmented sleep guidance: A reimagined outcomes display streamlines comprehension of your nightly sleep quality, and you can now review your habits and suggestions directly on your watch, eliminating the need to reach for your phone.

Automated tracking of cycling workouts: Samsung Health can now discern when you commence cycling and automatically record your exercise. You also have the option to configure automatic mapping of your cycling routes.

Heart rate coaching during running sessions: Your watch can furnish personalized heart rate zones while running, aiding in the management of your exercise intensity.

Enhanced precision for track running: When initiating a run on a standard 400-meter track, your watch can ascertain the lane you are in, delivering more precise results for laps and distances.

Customize your workout routines: If your preferred exercise isn’t among the listed options, you now have the ability to create a personalized exercise regime, encompassing parameters such as distance, speed, route, and more.

Backup and Restoration

Safeguard your watch data: Periodic backups of your watch’s files and data to your phone are established when the two devices are connected. You also retain the option to store backups in Samsung Cloud. Utilizing this feature requires the latest iteration of the Smart Switch app on your phone.

Transfer your watch to a different phone: Transitioning from one phone to another is now a hassle-free endeavor. Your watch faces and applications remain intact after the transfer.

Phone Management

Expanded call management capabilities: You can now manage calls without physically touching your phone. Adjust call volume, mute audio, and press keypad buttons directly from your watch.

Capture images from your watch: When the camera is active in Flex or Tent mode on your Galaxy Z Flip5 or Fold5, a camera icon will materialize at the lower edge of your watch face. Tapping this icon promptly grants access to camera controls on your watch.

Supplementary Modifications

Voice text entry via the Home button: Simply press and hold the Home button whenever you’re entering text with the Samsung Keyboard to swiftly transition to voice input.

Let Bixby vocalize your notifications: Provided you have headphones connected to your watch, Bixby can audibly relay your notifications. Following notification completion, you can instruct Bixby on further actions. To employ this feature, designate Bixby as the default voice assistant on your watch.

Concurrent management of multiple timers: You can now operate up to 20 timers concurrently, facilitating efficient task tracking.

Share your medical information during emergencies: A button to access your medical data will appear automatically when a severe fall is detected or when you press the Home button five times to activate the Emergency SOS function.

Device Maintenance: Monitor your watch’s battery status, storage capacity, and memory condition, instantly rectifying any issues to prolong battery life and ensure optimal watch performance.

Touchless watch control: Universal gestures empower watch control without screen contact or button presses. Various actions, such as wrist movements, fist clenches, or finger pinching, can be assigned to these gestures.

App Organization: Establish folders for enhanced app organization, expediting the location of required applications with reduced scrolling.

Enhanced watch security: When a PIN or pattern lock is set on your watch, entry of the PIN or pattern is mandatory to initiate your watch post-factory reset. This precautionary measure ensures that your watch remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals in cases of loss or theft.

Source(S): 9TO5Google

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