Garmin’s Fenix 7 Series Gets an Update with Beta Version 14.24

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Garmin continues to push forward with its ongoing Public Beta cycle for the Fenix 7 series and its counterparts, having recently relaunched its Beta Program with Beta Version 14.23. A quick recap reveals that Beta Version 14.23 encompassed a staggering 45 alterations for the Fenix 7 series, along with the Fenix 7X, Enduro 2, Epix 2, Epix 2 Pro, Quatix 7, and Marq 2 series smartwatches. As expected, Garmin bundled a multitude of bug fixes, with a notable focus on refining the Tides app. However, the company also introduced a host of novel features, including Device Settings Backup and Restore.

In contrast, the fresh Beta Version 14.24 build comprises 13 changes, primarily centered around bug rectification. According to Garmin, the update addresses bugs such as heart rate data not downloading in certain circumstances and display flickering.

Furthermore, Beta Version 14.24 introduces new watch faces and tree drawing functionality to the golf feature for the Marq 2, in addition to incorporating power guide support within the race widget for all eligible smartwatches. The comprehensive changelog for Beta Version 14.24 can be found below.

Garmin further elaborates that it plans to imbue its gaming activity with additional functionality, a feature that made its debut in Beta Version 14.23. However, the company has yet to disclose the timeline for the public availability of these supplementary capabilities.

For more detailed information, including installation instructions for the new secure_config file and explanations for the unavailability of Beta Version 14.24 on the Marq Aviator Gen2 and Tactix 7, please refer to Garmin’s forum post.

Notable Changes in Beta Version 14.24:

  • Added novel watch faces to Marq 2 (Note: Access “Add New” and explore layout options to view these).
  • Incorporated power guide support into the race widget.
  • Rectified the issue wherein the touchscreen would not function when the backlight is off on Fenix 7 series devices.
  • Resolved the problem causing heart rate data to fail to download after a swim.
  • Addressed an issue that could lead to outdated weather data.
  • Fixed issues with golf Plays Like utilizing outdated weather data.
  • Rectified potential display flickering when using Connect IQ watch faces.
  • Fixed potential shutdown occurrences on the weather map.
  • Resolved potential UI issues with drawing the start of the chart data field.
  • Fixed a UI flow problem that arose after deleting a workout.
  • Addressed a UI issue with menu items during the creation of a custom multi-sport activity.
  • Updated pace alert user interface for enhanced clarity.

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