Google’s Latest Update Brings Macro Video and Cinematic Wallpapers

google cinematic wallpaper
Image Source: Google

Google has announced a significant “feature drop” software update for Pixel smartphones, as well as the Pixel Watch and Fitbit devices. The update includes various additions such as camera enhancements and personal safety features. 

The Pixel 7 Pro now supports macro mode when recording videos, allowing users to capture detailed footage of small subjects. Cinematic wallpapers with a parallax effect are now available on Pixel 6 and newer devices, creating a sense of depth on the lock screen. 

Google has also expanded its personal safety features, enabling users to use voice commands to start emergency sharing or schedule safety checks with Google Assistant. Additionally, there are improvements to haptics, adaptive charging, and the Recorder app, which now allows users to export video clips of transcriptions. 

Source: TheVerge.

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