Shocking Revelation: AI Threatens 19% of American Jobs, Is Yours at Risk?

ai impact on industry

How AI will affect the workforce, especially its ability to replace humans, is a significant issue. 

Nevertheless, AI will significantly impact some businesses more than others, depending on the function. 

In their analysis of federal statistics to determine which occupations and sectors are most likely to be replaced or helped by AI, the Pew Research Center discovered that a staggering 19% of Americans held such positions. 

You are likely on the list if your position demands a bachelor’s degree or above. According to the study, workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher were more than twice as likely to be exposed to AI than those with only a high school education. 

Budget analysts, data entry clerks, tax preparers, technical writers, and web developers were the professions most exposed to AI and, therefore, most likely to be displaced or helped by it. 

Research Institute Pew

  • The ability of generative AI to perform analytical jobs well, including computing, writing, mathematics, and more, makes these businesses the most vulnerable. 
  • Chief executives, veterinary doctors, interior designers, fundraisers, and sales managers are among the professions with medium exposure.
  • The low-exposure professions include pipelayers, dishwashers, firefighters, barbers, and childcare providers. 
  • The industries with the minor exposure, as shown by the results, require a physical actual human, like a barber or a dishwasher, or that call for talents that AI cannot replicate, like the interpersonal skills needed to be a sales manager or chief executive. 

Intriguingly, the survey also revealed that employees in the most vulnerable industries do not believe their jobs are in danger because they believe AI will help rather than replace them. 

Specifically, 32% of information and technology employees felt AI would benefit them more than harm them, despite working in a sector where AI could have a significant negative influence. 

Source(S): ZDNET.

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