Meta Quest 3 Peripherals Leak: European Shoppers Get First Dibs on VR Essentials!

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  • Leak of Meta Quest 3 accessories and their prices.
  • Comparison with Quest 2 accessory prices.
  • Compatibility issues for Quest 2 owners.
  • Unannounced variant with expanded storage.
  • Considerations for storage capacity and gaming needs.

In the realm of digital commerce, a captivating revelation has recently come to light – an online emporium has inadvertently divulged the highly anticipated official add-ons for Meta Quest 3, accompanied by their respective price tags tailored for the European market.

While the formal announcement of Meta Quest 3 had taken place in the month of June, the tech behemoth, Meta, had adroitly maintained an aura of secrecy shrouding the potential peripherals accompanying this groundbreaking innovation.

The tantalizing prospect of these peripherals is poised for a grand unveiling, synchronously timed with the formal debut of the Meta Quest 3 headset itself, an event slated for September 27th, set to unfold within the expansive sphere of Meta Connect 2023.

What adds a layer of intrigue to this revelation is the revelation that the digital marketplace,, has not only commenced the meticulous cataloging of these peripherals but has also boldly affixed price tags to each, bearing testament to their fiscal worth in the European landscape.

This revelation was astutely brought to our attention by the ever-vigilant Reddit aficionado, u/Fredrikco. Moreover, a discerning Reddit user has taken it upon themselves to engage with the aforementioned online vendor and has received confirmation that the information presented stems directly from the hallowed halls of Meta itself. As it stands, these listings on the online emporium’s virtual shelves remain accessible to all who seek to explore them.

Let us now embark upon an exploration of the cataloged peripherals intended for Quest 3:

First on our roster is the Meta Quest 3 Silicone Face Interface, featuring a sleek black exterior, and it boasts a price tag of €49.99.

Next, we have the Meta Quest 3 Carrying Case, an essential companion for the Quest 3 adventurer, priced at €79.99.

For those who demand peak performance and enduring power, the Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap comes equipped with an integrated battery, and its acquisition will set you back €149.99.

Last but not least, we find the Meta Quest 3 Charging Dock, designed to keep your Quest 3 powered and ready for action, and it shares the same price point as the Elite Strap, retailing at €149.99.

It should be noted that while the aforementioned accessories have found their place in the online store’s catalog, the standard Elite strap, devoid of an integrated battery, remains conspicuously absent from the list.

The tentative timeline for the release of these enumerated peripherals is securely anchored in the month of October 2023. Although there exists a tantalizing possibility that the advent of the Meta Quest itself might be expedited, with a potential arrival as early as mid-October, it is important to emphasize that such an assertion remains shrouded in uncertainty.

It is noteworthy that in a direct cost comparison, the accessories tailored for Quest 2 command a relatively more modest price structure, at least within the European jurisdictions that extend their support.

A striking example of this is the official charging dock, a new addition catering to the Quest product line targeted at the consumer demographic. It carries a staggering price tag of €149.99, which undoubtedly raises eyebrows. While it is reasonable to anticipate that Meta Quest 3 itself may be subject to subsidies, Meta’s resolute commitment to deriving substantial profit from the peripherals is manifest.

Furthermore, it is imperative to acknowledge a crucial aspect for existing Quest 2 owners. If you have already invested in an Elite Strap tailored for Quest 2, it is essential to be cognizant of the fact that it will not be compatible with the forthcoming Quest 3 iteration.

Consequently, to ensure a seamless transition and a secure fit, you will be compelled to acquire a new strap, whether through Meta’s official channels or from an alternative vendor.

Intriguingly, the online retailer has also cast light on an unannounced variant of Quest 3, one boasting an expanded storage capacity. In addition to the base model, furnished with a commendable 128 gigabytes of storage, priced at $499, there is a higher-tier iteration equipped with a capacious 512 gigabytes of storage.

This upgraded version carries a price tag of €699, which, when translated, equates to an approximate $599 within the United States.

One cannot help but ponder whether the base model’s storage capacity of 128 gigabytes will suffice in the long run, especially in the face of impending heavyweight titles such as the highly anticipated Asgard’s Wrath 2.

These formidable games are poised to occupy a substantial chunk of storage real estate. It is crucial to recall that the introductory model of the Meta Quest 2 debuted with a paltry 64 gigabytes of storage, an offering subsequently succeeded by the introduction of a more capacious 128-gigabyte SKU in August 2021.

Additionally, the Meta Quest 2 caters to users with a 256-gigabyte storage option, providing further flexibility in addressing diverse storage needs.

Source(S): mixed-news

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