Meta Quest v57 Introduces Image Message Recall Feature

meta quest v57 update
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  • Meta Quest 3 and meta Quest 2 users face a choice between VR clarity and caution.
  • Horizon Feed offers personalized content and game recommendations.
  • Avatar customization and easy party joining enhance social experiences.
  • Image message retraction and other refinements in meta quest v57.
  • Anticipate v58 updates with Meta Connect and meta Quest 3 launch.

The meta quest v57 update for Meta Quest introduces a groundbreaking feature that allows developers to completely deactivate the Guardian system, marking a pivotal moment for the XR app landscape.

The Guardian system serves as a virtual boundary, offering alerts when users venture beyond their designated furniture-free VR zones. However, in the case of applications constantly immersed in mixed-reality, the high-resolution, full-color passthrough camera in the Quest 3 renders the Guardian somewhat redundant.

For owners of meta Quest 3 and meta Quest 2 alike, an immediate notification upon launching an app informs them that the boundary has been deactivated, underscoring the app’s commitment to prioritizing immersion over protection.

While the Quest 3’s superior resolution ensures heightened awareness, meta Quest 2 users must exercise greater caution. This distinction between meta Quest 3 and meta Quest 2 may sway some towards considering an upgrade.

Notwithstanding this forward-looking change, the headline feature in the meta Quest v57 update is the Horizon Feed (depicted above).

Replacing the default “Explore” mode, the Feed serves as a personalized content hub, catering to individual passions and interests, and prominently featuring recommended games, applications, and Instagram Reels.

Meta advises users that the introduction of Feed and other features may not be immediately visible even after the v57 update is installed, as they are being progressively rolled out.

Within the Horizon Home environment, users now possess the ability to teleport to any unobstructed area, unrestrained by walls or furniture, a departure from the conventional hotspot restrictions.

A simple forward joystick movement is all that’s required, with a guiding line indicating accessible locations; a red circle signals areas off-limits.

Furthermore, Meta has expanded customization options for avatars, encompassing hair, eyebrow color, skin tone, makeup, and facial adornments, with an emphasis on inclusivity and representation.

For those eager to showcase their updated avatars to friends, Meta has streamlined the process by automatically opening the Contacts list upon turning on the meta Quest 2, facilitating swift party joins.

Additionally, the update introduces shareable group links that can be distributed through Messenger or other platforms, allowing Groups to congregate within a specific app or game via the People tab for the first time.

On the topic of messaging, meta quest v57 introduces the ability to retract image messages, a novel feature available both within the headset and through the Quest app.

Beyond these enhancements, the meta Quest v57 update primarily focuses on refining existing features. The following are among the changes outlined in the update log:

Users can now opt to include or exclude microphone audio when recording in-headset video footage by default, eliminating the need for a case-by-case selection.

The app multitasking layout has been revamped to enable concurrent usage of multiple apps, both nearby and at a distance, with the ability to switch views from the Quick Settings panel.

The Guide app features a new tutorial on hand-tracking, providing instructions on utilizing Direct Touch controls.

An iOS function that allowed simultaneous capture of VR and real-life experiences via a phone camera is being phased out.

For comprehensive release notes, refer to the provided link. Interestingly, the notes do not touch upon the addition of legs to Quest avatars, a development announced by Meta last month and expected to arrive within the “next few weeks.”

Anticipated release schedules suggest that the v58 update will likely coincide with Meta Connect on September 27 or accompany the launch of meta Quest 3 in October, potentially introducing several significant feature enhancements.

Source(S): androidcentral

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