Quest 3 VR Headset Revealed Before Official Launch

meta qeust 3 leak
Image Source: Meta


  • Early unboxing video leaks Meta’s upcoming Quest 3 VR headset.
  • Contents match the introduction from Meta’s official presentation.
  • FCC’s database suggests an imminent release of Quest 3.
  • Detailed specifications are anticipated at the Meta Connect event on September 27th.
  • Similar leaks happened before, like with the Meta Quest Pro.

It appears that someone has already unboxed what seems to be Meta’s upcoming VR headset, the Quest 3, even though the official launch is scheduled for later in the fall. The unboxing video, available on X (formerly known as Twitter), shows the device being unpacked from a brown box. 

The person in the video reveals the VR headset and two Touch Plus controllers. The contents match what Meta showcased when they introduced the headset in June.

The fact that Meta might have prepared the final packaging for the device isn’t surprising. A new VR headset, likely the Quest 3, has recently appeared in the FCC’s database, indicating its approval for sale in the US. 

This suggests that Meta is getting ready to release the product. More information about the headset’s features and specifications is expected to be shared at the Meta Connect event on September 27th. This event seems like the ideal platform for Meta to disclose specific details about the device’s official release.

This incident isn’t the first instance of a high-profile leak involving a Quest headset. Before its official announcement in October of the previous year, images and videos of the Meta Quest Pro were leaked. It was reported that the device had been inadvertently left behind in a hotel room.

Source(S): TheVerge

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