Are calls possible on Samsung’s Galaxy Watch models?

samsung galaxy watch 6
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  • Samsung Galaxy Watch series enables easy and seamless calling.
  • The Wi-Fi version offers quick dialing through the Phone app on the watch.
  • LTE-supported models free users from the constraints of physical phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series proves itself capable of making calls with utmost ease and convenience. Irrespective of your choice among the modern Samsung Galaxy Watch series, namely Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, Galaxy Watch 5, or Galaxy Watch 4, the call-making prowess remains consistent. 

For users of the Wi-Fi version, seamless connectivity is achieved via Bluetooth, affording the liberty to answer or initiate calls in a heartbeat. With a mere tap on the Phone app gracing your watch’s interface, the option to dial a number or select a contact through the contacts icon is presented.

 A further press on the resolute green phone icon sets the wheels in motion, and the call is underway. All the heavy lifting is gracefully delegated to your phone, while your watch assumes the role of a dulcet speaker. 

Additionally, such endeavors can be engaged in at any time; the three dots beckon, followed by a gentle tap on “Switch to phone.”

For owners of Samsung Galaxy Watches endowed with the blessings of LTE support, an intriguing benefit awaits—freedom from the constraints of physical phones. 

The process remains delightfully straightforward: the Phone app, when graced with a mere touch, facilitates the inception of a call sans the requirement of a tethered phone. This proves particularly advantageous for those with a penchant for unburdened pursuits such as invigorating jogging, spirited running, or adventurous hiking.

Ah, the marvels of possessing a smartwatch! Amidst the plethora of choices, the Galaxy Watch 6 series stands tall as a commendable option. And for those seeking a deeper acquaintance, our Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 hands-on offers a delightful exploration. 

Naturally, the desire to shield your cherished timepiece leads to the prudent acquisition of a Galaxy Watch 6 case, while the wisdom of investing in a Galaxy Watch 6 charger cannot be understated.

Source(S): XDA

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