Trinity County Struggles to Stay Connected During a Verizon Outage

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  • Trinity County residents celebrate as TDS Telecom reconnects Trinity Center and Coffee Creek.
  • Emergency services are at risk as Scott Mountain, Ridgeville, and Minersville suffer phone and internet disruption.
  • Verizon users are urged to rely on neighbors or the fire brigade for 911 assistance during an outage.

The Trinity County Office of Emergency Services has received notification from TDS Telecom that telephone and internet connectivity has been reinstated for residents inhabiting Trinity Center and Coffee Creek.

Simultaneously, the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office has reported a disruption in phone and internet services affecting Verizon patrons within Trinity County.

TCSO has disclosed that Verizon repair crews are actively engaged in rectifying the service interruption. However, the duration required to complete these remedial actions remains uncertain, and an estimated restoration timeline remains elusive.

ORIGINAL, Friday Evening:

Presently, there exists a disruption in telephone and internet services in the vicinity of Scott Mountain, Ridgeville, and Minersville, as confirmed by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO). They report that certain inhabitants are currently unable to establish communication with 911 dispatch personnel.

TCSO has issued an advisory notification for the regions bordering Highway 3, spanning from Scott Mountain in the south to Ridgeville and Minersville. Nevertheless, they have noted that Verizon Cell service remains operational in numerous localities, facilitating access to 911 dispatch services.

Authorities suggest that your neighbors or local fire brigade personnel might be capable of initiating requests for emergency assistance on your behalf.

Source(S): krcrtv

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