watchOS 10 Public Beta Now Available for Testing!

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  • Apple releases watchOS 10 public beta, allowing Apple Watch users to try out the upcoming software.
  • Users need to upgrade their iPhones to the public beta version of iOS 17 and sign up on Apple’s beta software website.
  • watchOS 10 introduces significant updates, with a focus on widgets and revamped built-in apps.

Apple has made an exciting move by releasing the first beta of watchOS 10 to public beta testers. It allows users to try out the upcoming Apple Watch software before its official launch.

To get started with watchOS 10, users need to first upgrade their iPhone to the public beta version of iOS 17. After that, you need to sign up on Apple’s beta software website. Once these requirements are met, users can open the Watch app on their iPhone, navigate to General, select Software Update, and choose the watchOS 10 Public Beta option under Beta Updates.

With watchOS 10, Apple introduces a significant update to the Apple Watch interface, placing a strong emphasis on widgets. The Smart Stack, accessed by turning the Digital Crown, displays the most relevant information throughout the day, learning from user habits to provide tailored content.

Apple has revamped almost all of the built-in apps with an information-forward design, enabling faster interactions. Weather, Maps, Home, Messages, Activity, Heart Rate, Stocks, and more have all received notable overhauls.

Two new watch faces, Palette and Snoopy, add a touch of fun and personalization. Snoopy showcases characters from the beloved Peanuts cartoon, with animations that change throughout the day. Palette, on the other hand, showcases the time in a vibrant display of overlapping colors.

The Maps app now offers a topography view, providing elevation information, contour lines, hill shading, and points of interest, making it particularly useful for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. For cyclists, watchOS 10 introduces new advanced metrics, views, and experiences that can be enjoyed by connecting to Bluetooth-enabled cycling accessories.

The Mindfulness app includes a new feature for logging moods and emotions, enabling users to track their well-being more effectively. Additionally, Group FaceTime audio calls are now supported, allowing Apple Watch users to enjoy group conversations from their wrists. And with NameDrop, exchanging contact information becomes effortless—simply hold your Apple Watch near someone’s iPhone to quickly share your details.

These exciting updates and features make watchOS 10 a highly anticipated release for Apple Watch users. By offering public beta testing, Apple allows enthusiasts to get a taste of what’s to come.

Source (S): MacRumors.

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