WhatsApp Comes to Wear OS Smartwatches

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  • Meta’s official announcement of WhatsApp’s rollout for Wear OS 3 smartwatches.
  • Wear OS users can now start conversations, reply to messages, and take calls from their wrists.

Exciting news for Wear OS smartwatch owners! Meta has officially announced the rollout of WhatsApp for Wear OS 3 smartwatches, starting today.

Using WhatsApp on your smartwatch is pretty straightforward. You can start new conversations, reply to messages, and even take calls right from your wrist. Additionally, you can reply to messages without having your phone nearby if you have a Wear OS 3 watch with LTE.

The timing of this release is perfect, as the Samsung Unpacked event is just around the corner. We’re expecting to see the new Galaxy Watch 6, and there are rumors that it will be the first to run Wear OS 4, just like the Galaxy Watch 4 lineup was the first to use Wear OS 3. By now releasing WhatsApp on Wear OS, Meta is building excitement for Unpacked and making Wear OS more appealing to its 2.24 billion active users. It’s also a way for Meta to expand its wearable presence on an established platform, especially after putting its smartwatch plans on hold last year.

This move also aligns with Google’s efforts to strengthen Wear OS’s app offerings. Along with WhatsApp, Spotify plans to update its Wear OS app this year with new Tiles, and Peloton just debuted its own Wear OS app.

In other words, it benefits everyone. Wear OS users get WhatsApp on their wrists, while Meta and Google continue to enhance the platform’s app ecosystem.

Source(S): TheVerge

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