You can experience the original Far Cry game in virtual reality now, using motion controls

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  • Far Cry enters the VR world with motion controls.
  • Created by Crytek, modified by Holger Frydrych.
  • Embracing 6DoF VR technology.
  • Experience immersive room-scale virtual reality.
  • Left-handed and seated modes for inclusivity.
  • Only $9.99 for the VR experience on Steam and GoG.

The inaugural person shooter, Far Cry, crafted by Crytek, has been ushered into the realm of virtual reality replete with the orchestration of motion controls. This feat has been actualized through the ingenuity of a third-party modification, a brainchild of the German developer, Holger Frydrych.

 The cognoscenti might recall Frydrych’s previous triumph, the acclaimed Half-Life 2 VR Mod, an innovation that confers upon enthusiasts the opportunity to immerse themselves in Valve’s iconic action-laden opus, in the captivating embrace of 6DoF (six-degrees-of-freedom) virtual reality.

In its current state, still embryonic but not devoid of progress, Far Cry VR v0.5 beckons you to embark on an odyssey commencing at the threshold and culminating in triumph, all orchestrated through the graceful choreography of motion controllers. Within this orchestration, resides the capability to stabilize your weaponry, employing the two-handed grip technique, while further endowed with the capacity to wield your machete in a physical enactment. 

Expanding the frontiers of immersion, the modification pledges allegiance to room-scale virtual reality, thus permitting unfettered traversal through the virtual thickets, thereby amplifying the realism to stratospheric heights.

A symphony of inclusivity envelops this innovation, accommodating the proponents of the left-handed disposition and accommodating a seated mode tailored for a leisurely, yet by no means innocuous engagement; the violence inherent to the endeavor remains vividly intact.

Far Cry VR v0.5, a culmination of endeavors, awaits your acquisition through the hallowed digital corridors of GitHub. However, an intrinsic prerequisite to partake in this ethereal sojourn resides in the possession of the foundational game. Fortunately, the pilgrimage to ownership is facile; a mere $9.99 shall usher you into the fold, facilitated through the venerable portals of Steam and GoG.
Source(S): VR Scout

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