Meta Quest 3 Release Date Finally Revealed

TL;DR Unveiled in the midst of June’s chronicles, the herald of Meta Quest 3 set the stage ablaze. A symphony of technical intricacies awaits revelation, its crescendo poised for the heraldic day of September 27, a date etched for unveiling at the

PlayStation V.R. 2 Redefines Horror Gaming with MADiSON

TL;DR Behold the sacred confluence of PlayStation V.R. 2 and devotees of horror! In this spectral season of Halloween, MADiSON shall amplify the spectral intensity through an innovative rendition designed for Sony’s developing virtual reality apparatus and a myriad of PC-based VR

Apple’s VR: From Controllers to Hand Tracking

TL;DR In the aftermath of Apple Vision Pro’s revelation earlier this year, ByteDance-owned Pico seems to be pivoting its attention from controllers to hand tracking. Standalone headsets vending without embedded controllers would denote a seismic departure for the virtual reality industry. Apple’s

Half-Life 2 Transformed into VR Adventure

TL;DR Holger Frydrych, a luminary hailing from Germany’s expanse, recently unveiled the odyssey unfurled in the transplantation of Half-Life 2 into the realm of virtual reality’s embrace. This opus, a symphony of virtual reality sculpted with the patronage of Valve, graced the